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Hokule'a off Diamond Head

Mystery Island

sailing downeast  in fog and rain

Sailing Magazine

Destiny is launched

A beautiful hand-made ship is launched on Martha's Vineyard

Martha's Vineyard Magazine

Sailing the Wine Dark Sea

Cyclades Log

Seeking history in Greek waters

Charter School

Sailing Magazine

re-learning the ropes

Voyage to the Marquesas
Soundings Magazine

embarked on a square-rigger for the Marquesas

In Search of Old Maine

Sailing Magazine

memories linger in waters downeast

Back Cove Log

Soundings Magazine

under power in Maine waters



Sacred Forests

This is a nine part series about Hawai'iloa, a connection between native peoples across a vast ocean, and stewardship...


Hawai'iloa in the Marquesas with Teaurere



CLICK HERE for Mo'olelo - stories of voyaging aboard Hokule'a



Hokule'a and Teaurere off Diamond Head

Teaurere - New Zealand (Aotearoa) canoe



The following are video clip is from my movie

The Navigators - Pathfinders of the Pacific. The film is available from Documentary Educational Resources.


The Micronesian proa



Voyage to Satawal - March, 2007

Photographs from the most recent voyage

Voyages of Awakening, 25 years of Höküle'a
First Finalist, Society of Professional Journalists, Hawaii Chapter, Feature Writing - Long Form, 2001; Kahili Award, Hawaii Visitors Bureau award for best article celebrating Hawaiian culture, 2000.
Hana Hou Magazine

Star Navigation

Polynesian non-instrument navigation

Soundings Magazine

Gift of the Wind
Aboard Höküle'a on her miraculous journey to Rapa Nui

Stars to steer Her By
Sailing Magazine

Tava Taupu coiling rope aboaqrd Hokule'a

Sea Paths
Martha's Vineyard Magazine
Voyaging aboard an ancient Polynesian canoe reveals a way of living in balance with the natural world.

'The Spaceship of our Ancestors'-HOKULE'A
Wooden Boat Magazine

Sailing the Star Paths
Sail Magazine

Na'au: The heart of wayfinding
Hana Hou Magazine

Voyage To Rapa Nui
Hokule'a Log

Voyage to Rapa Nui - alternate version
Hokule'a Log

Star Navigation
Soundings Magazine

Stars to Steer Her By
Sailing Magazine

Tahiti Log

Hokule'a Log - Tahiti to Hawaii



In the Wake of Our Ancestors
Orion Magazine

Link to Polynesian Voyaging Society web site

Sam at the helm
Sam at the helm of escort boat Rizaldar

enroute Tahiti-Hawaii

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